As a small business you quickly learn that you have to be resourceful when it comes to marketing your business. The fact is you’re competing in a worldwide marketplace. If you want to get your message to reach your audience then creativity on spreading that message is a must.

One of the best ways to reach your audience & make sure your message is absorbed is through video marketing. When you consider that when you include just one video on a landing page it can increase the conversion rates by 80% you’ll want to find ways to include video in your marketing.

Today it’s easier than ever as all of the modern smartphones come with a camera. There’s various editing software available on the market that are suitable for beginners to the pro & all at varying costs. The bottom line there no excuse not to hop on the video marketing train.

Want a little more proof? Did you know that Youtube is the second most used site for search? Or, the fact that 80% of people recall a video ad they’ve watched in the past  30 days. If you add just those two facts together you’ll see that video marketing is not only useful for SEO purposes but helps get your brand to stick with your audience.

The second post in the Essential Marketing Tools series will help you to discover more about what video marketing is, some stats about why its work & some ideas on how you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Essential Marketing Tools Video Marketing

As you can see the as you can see it is quickly becoming a must in the marketing toolkit. When 90% of viewers are saying that product video are helpful in the decision process you’ll definitely want to look into.

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