Stories are how we learn, how we’re entertained and most importantly how we can sell our business. So, what’s your story?

It’s a skill as old as time itself and can make the difference between having a successful business and one that’s not. I’m not talking about some new formula that magically brings in customer out of nowhere.

What I’m talk about, of course, storytelling.

In an age where information is thrown at us from every angle possible (even one’s we’re not aware of) there has never been such an important time than now to pick up or improve the craft of storytelling.

Learn to tell your business’s brand story better and you’ll separate yourself from your competition. You’ll build trust with your customers resulting in more sales that’ll improve bottom-line.

Sound like it’s important to tell more stories in branding?

If you’re not convinced yet here are 5 Reasons why stories matter to your business and its brand.


Go deeper than facts, figure or features by leaving a lasting impression by giving your customer an experience. Create a story-based one that targets the prospects hearts in a positive way leaving a long lasting impression about your business,


The simplicity of telling your brand’s story instantly sets you apart from your competition. It doesn’t matter how unique your product features are as they can quickly be copied or improved by your competitors. But, no one can copy your brand’s story which sets you apart from your competition.


Want to know the easiest way to lose anybody? Start spouting out facts & figures at them and watch them run the other way. However, create meaning through the stories you tell about your products or services. This will forge a greater connection between your company and your audience.


When was the last time a friend told you about certain facts or figures when recommending a company? I bet never or close to it. I’d also bet the likelihood of them telling you about their experience with a certain business. Stories resonate with us on an emotional level and through that we want to tell as many people that will listen.


Motivate your audience and align them with your business goals. There’s a saying in PR that goes something like, “Get their hearts to get their minds.” In recent years there has been nobody better at connecting with a customer hearts than Steve Jobs. He understood the value of experience and how storytelling can capture that desired experience.

Regardless of what industry you’re in the fact is, your business is only as good as its storytelling.

So let me ask you again, what’s your story?