If you were to get in an internet time machine and take a look at some of the websites back even 10 years ago you’d wonder how the the internet became a thing to begin with.

Websites were almost an assault on our senses & more about glam than about giving you a better user experience.  Think of all the ways you’ve seamlessly interacted with a website in the last day. No bells ringing, flash animation, crammed in images or ugly layout.

And all the options…

Today we can access a website from various devices. From Desktop to laptops, tablets, smartphone and even watches can give us the freedom to surf. All of these choices only means your website has to be ready to not only work on all off them but look & feel the same doing it.

In fact, your customers expect certain things out of your website that gives them that positive experience that’ll make them come back. This goes well beyond the trust & credibility side of things.

The Convenience of Things

Of all the aspects that a website has nothing will beat the one that smoothly works in whatever environment. Customers want to the satisfaction that which ever device they visit your website on they expect the same things. It’s convenience more than anything else that makes your website successful.

Knowing all of this, there seems still be a percentage of small business websites that exist that don’t respond to the device it visited on. Responsive design has been around for a while but it may seem like to confusing of an idea for most businesses not in the technology.

If you’re still in the dark on whether or not your website is mobile-friendly or responsive to all devices then let me shine a light on the subject with the following infographic. This simple infographic explains what responsive web design is and why it’s so important for your business website to be responsive. Responsive Web Design Infographic

Although you’ll have website designer out in the world argue the merits of the practice as an art form, I would argue that it’s a common sense art form. Step one in the process is understanding who  your audience is & why they are coming to your website in the first place. These two answers will give a path to follow in designing an experience for you audience that’ll keep them coming back for more.

Tell me what you think? Comment below and let me know your thoughts on modern website? Or if your a small business looking to upgrade your website and make it responsive check out my pricing structure here.