The Ninth Audible is a sports blog that looks at the different angle of major sports stories. The blog needed its own look and a WordPress theme that improves the reading experience.

User Experience

WordPress Theme

Responsive Design

The Process

The goal of this project is to build a unique theme that stands apart from other sports blogs. It should balance the line of creativeity and credibility.

After experimenting with several layouts this straighforward was chosen.

The Ninth Audible is a content focused website and the theme should be designed around that purpose. The mobile-first design looks good on every device.

1) The Industry

A highly saturated industry the theme had to stand out just as much as the content topics do.

3) The Visual

The visual had stand in the background and be logically organized to let the content stand out.

2) The User

A large portion of the readers for the Ninth Audlible are individuals looking for different commentary of sports.

4) The Interaction

The use of videos helped increase the interactivity but to add to that polls & surveys also helped.

The Result

A fully-responsive websites that is easy to navigate throughout. It is a user-friendly, organized design with clear typography lets the content take the main stage. Nothing splashes in the users face with this site which is is exactly what the project called for.

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