Evolvart is a social application that allows artists to spread awareness for charity they care about through doing a passion project.

User Experience

User Interface

Social App

The Process

Every project has its own unique challenges and the Evolvart project was no different. An emphasis was put on the purpose behind the project itself that drove the 4 steps system. 

Simplicity is the underlying princile behind the Evolvart App. Its focus on interface design was of the greatest importance. 

User shouldn’t be caught up with confusing menu as it should be easy for them to start a project, upload and spread their repective messages. 


1) The Industry

The app industry is full of different interface designs and it was important not  to reinvent the wheel. 

3) The Visual

An elegant interface focussed on the user needs and cutting back the amount of steps it takes to complete a task. 

2) The Customer

The user are passionate about their projects and the charity they’re raising awareness for. 

4) The Interaction

The user goals brought forward the apps interaction needs like the ease of uploading files to quick social sharing.

The Result:

A simple, intuitive interface is Evolvart’s strength backed witht the functionality it needed for the user. 

The beautiful experience the user gets when using the app works seamlessly regardless of the devices it’s being used on. 

Well-balanced looks on all pages, the Evolvart soft color palette shows off a caring side. Every element fell in place and made the customer journey efficient and enjoyable. 

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