The Diversion App is a time tracking application that helps students keep track of their busy lives. Built with the end users goals in mind it, the interface offers an easy transition from page to page.  

Interface Design


User Interaction

App Development

The Process

Designing the Diversion App was an opportunity to combine design princilpes with the users journey to come up with something intuitive.


There are so many moving parts with an app project that  organization is important.

By focusing on the end result and goals of the app it became clear that using milestones through the project were a must.

1) The Industry

There are a lot of time tracking apps on the market so distinguishing it would be tough if not for focusing on experience.

3) The Visual

Well balanced design from page to page gies the Diversion all a clear visual hierarchy. 

2) The Customers

The targer market are busy college students who needed something simple and easy to use to organize their lives. 

4) The Interaction

The interaction is based on the intuitive functionality that make a great end user experience.

The Result

A simple app brought together a beautiful design with a logical path focusing on the users end goals. A satisfying experience that allows the users to interact with the ways that make sense for time tracking.  This simple app is a user-friendly experience that helps student reach their goals. 

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