This project’s challenge was to come up with a tagline/slogan that would:

  1.  Give the brand an attitude that it could hang its future advertising on.
  2. Speak to the target market is way that feels familiar.
  3. And, set the tone for the brand as a whole.




The Process

Connecting the dots between the target market, the type of designs on the clothing, the niche and the psychology of both the brand and customers.

Remix’t Clothing is an ecommerce clothing design company that gets their inspiration from the music they listen to. 

Their slogan had to be something that shows off the companies design style and give it a personality. These two components had to be accomplished in as a concise manner as possible.

Target Market

The ideal customer for Remix’t Clothing are men and women ages 18 to 25 years old who are just starting their lives.

The Niche

The music industry offers a lot of options for designs and slogans but if it’s not specific it’ll fail to speak to the customer. 

The Designs

Getting inspiration from the music they listen to, the majority of the designs are unique interpretations of songs.

The Psychology

Attitude, attitude, attidude. Whether you’re just a fan or a musician there’s a certain attitude that goes along with it. 

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