Remix’t Clothing is a start up clothing design company that gets their inspiration from the music they listen to. The goal with this website was to combine a great shopping experience with the lifestyle of being a music fan. 

User Experience

E-Commerce Design

Mobile Friendly

The Process

The process for the Remix’t Clothing project relied heavily on positioning the website around the lifestyle of its customers.


First and foremost this project started with a mobile first approach for the design.

The overall interface focused on being intuitive and functional for all devices. It seamless responded made for a beautiful experience for the users.

1) The Industry

In a competitve industry, the Remix’t website had stay out of the way to let the product stand out.

3) The Visual

With an emphasis on a mobile-first approach, the visual focused on using brighter color & clear type.  

2) The Customers

Knowing who the customers are helped bring out the lifestyle side of website using photos that spoke to that.

4) The Interaction

The site features and easy navigation made for a simple check out process that helps in increased sales. 

The Result

The overal website was developed based around who the main customers on and what they do. By using bright imagery and themed content that will draw the ideal persona into the site this project hit every check mark along the way. In the end, it was how the clothes can add to the customers life rather than making it. 

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