Everybody wants to get noticed!

Out of all the truths in life, the need to recognized stands up there above them all. When it comes to running a small business this fact stands out even more because if you’re not recognized than you probably don’t make the sales you need to stay in business.

It’s okay to admit that you want customers to notice you.

One of the most important places to get notice in 2017 is online. In fact, it’s a essential for your small business to have an online presence if it want to stay competitive.  The internet has not only provided a greater reach to find customers but a better way to interact with them than ever before.

Simply put, technology has leveled the playing field. What budgetary limitations were places on small businesses before have been lifted in our information driven world. The small business can now compete with larger corporations to win-over customers and turn them into life long fans.

Having your own website is a great start to attract customers but it shouldn’t stop there. The key to modern marketing is to provide relevant & useful content to your target audience. You want to use your website to build your business’ brand awareness & trust to potential customers.

It’s all about getting those ever so important website views. The best, most inexpensive way for the small business is through blogging. It gives you a way to reach customers and educate them on your expertise in an entertaining & thoughtful way.

If you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran you are always looking for ways to spread you business’s message. Blogging gives you the opportunity to do just that. As much as it is a time consuming effort, blogging offer your business so many benefits that it’s more than worth implementing. Here are 10 benefits blogging will has for your business:


One of the easiest ways to get on Google’s (or any other search engines) good side is to provide them with fresh content that your audience will find useful. Consistently blogging will show the search engines you’re visitors relevant copy which will go a long way in them trusting enough to rank your website higher.


The products or services you offer your customers are “solution to their BIG problem,”. But, before they’ll ever make a purchase you have to gain their trust. The greatest way to do this is by showing them you know what you’re talking about & you can do this through blogging.

If you’re posting expert analysis, tips & tricks that helps your target audience get closer to overcoming their problem then their trust of you will grow. All of this will establish your company as a leader in your respective industry.


So you’ve written a post & have shared it on your social media platforms. It turns out because your post was packed full of useful tips a lot of your followers liked it and it gained a bit of a following. So much so,it even got some shares and read by people that weren’t your follower.s. Before you know it that post went viral and has been discovered by a new group of people which opens your business up to a new audience.


HupSpot has reported that 60% businesses who blog consistently have gotten more customers. As mentioned before, blogging will go a long way is building trust between you & your customers setting up a less painful sales process. The more useful information you can give your prospects the better they’ll like you & more likely to buy from you.


One of the first things you learn as a writer is to find your own voice. It’s a ironic journey as the more time you find yourself looking for it the more you realize you’ve had it all along. You’re writing voice is as simple as your speaking voice every one’s is unique. It comes with its own personality, expertise & thoughts. All you have to do is share that voice with your audience through blogging. The best thing to do is think of blogging as less about writing & more about conversing. Write like you talk!


Having a link coming from another website opens your business up to potential customers you weren’t originally targeting. By creating compelling content that users want other websites will link back to yours.  It will be the type of content they will want tell their audiences about that will extend your brand potentially and maybe bring in sales you weren’t counting on.


Coming up with fresh content can seem like an uphill battle if you’re not prepared.

One of the best ways to get & stay prepared is to keep up-to-date with new trends & news within your industry that would be of interest to your customers. A large part of blogging is educating your users & helping solve a problem they’re currently dealing with. Thiss forces you to stay up on your industry as you can provide your audience with timely material.


In business you have to be constantly building credibility so that your prospects are at ease when they buy from you.  One of the best ways to build it is by positioning yourself as an authority on the various subjects of your industry. This will result in building credibility in the eyes of your audience just one of the direct result you get from blogging.


There is a lot of repeat information on the internet but this is a good thing for your company. Seeing as you’re the expert on the subjects of your industry, you’re in a great position to bring that expertise to your audience. The difference will be that you’ll be doing in in your own voice & showing your users in the specific way you do things. This all separates yourself from your competition & makes your company become more human at the same time.


Sometimes in the day-to-day hustle of running your business becomes a bit too much of a routine. You are comfortable in doing certain things, a certain way & can get complacent with it. When you blog consistently it will give you an avenue to re-evaluate the processes & systems you have in place within your business and see if you can improves on them. It almost forces you to look to pick up new skills that will improve your business overall & help you sharpen your skills to become a more confident professional.

Let’s face it, our world is noisy & everybody is vying for somebodies attention.

If you’re a small business this fact alone can make marketing seem like an uphill battle. You don’t always have the budget to compete with larger companies. Blogging can give you a low cost way to stand out in the noisy crowd that is the internet. When done correctly it can prove to be a priceless marketing tactic for your business to enjoy.

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