“Everything Begins With An Idea”

 –  Earl Nightingale


Ideas are cheap.

Ask around, I’m sure everyone has one.

But, the question isn’t – Is it a good one?

The real question is – Is it the right idea?

The truth is not every idea works to sell and promote your business’ marketing communications.


Every marketing campaign’s success depends on finding that one idea that will move your company’s brand forward and connect with your target market. It will have the ability to bring your brand to life in the most valuable ways.

Every project has a purpose, every business has a mission and every idea has to intertwine those two things.

My job is to find the right ideas to position your business in a way that  will hook your customers through emotional and engaging copy. It’s about getting your message to the masses in the most effective way.

Are you ready for that right idea?


“A very confident professional who has a great understanding of the brand & audience relationship and how to properly communicate marketing messages. ”


Jon Wilson, Wilson & Associates Wealth Management

The Beginning of Everything

“One of the first rules I was taught as a journalism student was to have a natural curiosity for everything. The theory being this mindset would be a valuable tool in getting to the bottom of every story.

This one principal has stuck with me as I moved away from journalism and into the marketing & communications world. By remaining curious about things I’ve found, I’m able to see the heart of a brand and tell its story in the best way possible.”

It’s All A Game

“When I was a kid I loved ‘Connect-the-Dots.’ I guess, there was something exciting about following steps & getting a picture in the end. Now that I’m an adult I’ve found the inner-child still exists and my love for ‘Connect-the-Dots’ remains.

Because the world of marketing, communications and branding is really just an adult game of ‘Connect-the-Dots.’ There’s  a sequence of events that you follow from point to point and get that beautiful picture. Whether it’s a blog post, website copy or a press release at the very bottom of the practice it’s all the same – you’re connecting the dots.”

“Finding communication solutions for businesses isn’t just about one discipline. It’s important for me to have an understanding of multiple crafts and ensure I’m coming up with the right creative solutions for the particular communication problem.

The single greatest benefit from any project is knowing that my efforts, creativity and talent helped a business succeed in what their passionate about.

Working with businesses, from various industries, gives me the opportunity to help sole creative problems that help them succeed. For me, it’s about their bottom-line and how I can position them impact that bottom-line positively.

There is no better feeling then helping others grow their business and reach their goals.”

The True Job

“When I first started out, I thought the that the key to my success as a writer revolved around how creative I could be. Or, how I could inject my creativity into the project at hand to ‘wow’ the client and in turn the audience.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I quickly realized that my job wasn’t to come up with most creative idea but it was about the communication problem I’m solving.

Once I realized that in actuality I’m a problem solver, I started looking at each project through different eyes. A whole new way of thinking that has allowed me to get out of my own way and come up with the right ideas that work.”

Constant Growth

“The beautiful part of being a writer is the simple fact that I’ll never master it.

It’s a constant challenge of choosing the right words, putting them in the right order and making sure the meaning you intended is the one that your audience reads.

It’s this great balance of knowledge of the topic you’re writing about, the rules of grammar and the psychology of the reader. But, the most amazing thing about writing is that whatever working on can always be better.

It’s this ‘never ending climb of the mountain that never ends’ that drives me to keep writing and improving.”

Writing Capabilities:

  • Blogs
  • Listverse
  • In-Depth Article
  • Feature Interview
  • Email Newsletters
  • Video Scriptwriting
  • SEO Writing
  • Website Copy
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Writing
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising Writing

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