As much as things change they stay the same.

Nothing exemplifies this more than the craft of marketing. Everyday customer are becoming more savvy & marketers find themselves looking for the next great technique to combat that. We sift through all the data looking for why people buy, what makes them tick & so on. We look for new ways to automate more & new tactics to convert customers consistently.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence seems to have provided a new avenue for marketers to explore. However, with all of the options comes a certain amount paralysis. We simply get overwhelmed to the point where we don’t know where to start.

The easiest way to start is to stop looking for the newest techniques. Realize that throughout all the little shifts & major alignments of the subject there has always been certain underlying principles.

They’ve always been there & always will be regardless of ‘what’s next?’ Focus on them in all your marketing effort & you’ll have a much easier time. They’re referred as the 5 C’s of Marketing.

The 5 C’s of Marketing

1. Concept

Every business is a brand. And every brand has a unique story.

It doesn’t matter what you do, or how much competition you have in your field, the story of your business is different from your competition. Your marketing job is to tell that unique story to your audience. If you fail to they will tell it for you.

All concept really means is finding the uniqueness of your business & building a story around it. The best brands in the world tell the best stories based on one concept. The biggest challenge is creating your business’ brand story so that it can be communicated in various amounts of mediums.

2. Content

The backbone of all marketing is the content you provide to your audience.

Building a brand & spreading a marketing message relies on content. Content can be anything from the copy you put on your website to the tagline you use for your business.

Always remember that your business has a unique story & it’s unlike any other business that’s out there.  It’s within the uniqueness of your business story that makes for the most compelling content. Your audience wants to hear your back story, how you got into the business/industry & the passion you bring to it. Three simple ideas for content that are hiding in plain sight, so to speak but if when you dig deeper you’ll find your real power.

With your experience comes a uniqueness in itself. What you bring to the table in experience is where you’ll win your audience over. This is a place where you shouldn’t be shy & be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Tell stories about the problems you solved, specifically, how your expertise solved the problem.

Content is the place where your brand starts to become more human. The next step is to build on the content with connection.

3. Connection

Did you know that on an average day we encounter 174 full newspapers worth of information?

All this information isn’t created equal which is why it gives you a great chance to stand above the rest. This is the point where you can’t simply state the obvious with your messages. You have to start connecting with your audience at a deeper level.

Humans, by nature, are an emotional being. When you’re marketing & building your brand you should keep this in mind. Finding ways to connect with your prospective customers in every piece of content you produce will go a long way in building a connection.

There are many ways you can do this from the colors you choose on your website to the imagery you provide with your blog posts. Speaking about your blog posts, the words you use can go a long way as well. Look to add in emotional words in your writing.

4. Community

We’re in the community building era of marketing but this is nothing new. Since the 1980s brands have been going to war against their competitors to build communities.

Think about it, if you drive a Ford Truck there’s no way I can convince you to drive a GMC. But, when you meet a Ford Truck driver you automatically share a kinship with him/her because you’re part of the same community.

In our modern age of marketing more businesses rely on Inbound Marketing methodologies to build their communities. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn give you an opportunity to build a community based on like-minded people. YouTube, Instagram & Snapchat let you gain followers through visual mediums.

Reaching your customers & building a community in 2017 has never been easier. Share your story in as many social outlets as you feel comfortable & soon you’ll have a growing community that become brand ambassadors.

5. Continuity

People are comfortable with the expected. If you want to properly build a brand you should always speak in one voice. This is where having brand guidelines comes into play. By having a set of ‘do’s & don’ts’ when it comes to your brand’s voice you’ll be more focused when coming up with messages. Make sure all your employees now & abide by these guidelines to consistently build you brand.

The mediums may change but the voice won’t & your audience will thank you for it by always coming back for more.

As much as our technology has changed & marketing techniques evolve to meet the smarter buyers needs these 5 principles will always be the underlying factor in your major marketing campaign. By keeping them in mind when you’re coming up with new strategies will help stay on point so you message is heard & spread.