What’s your purpose?

One of the main reasons any business should be blogging is to spread their individual marketing messages to their target audience. If you’re in the financial service industry strategic content marketing has never been more important. The combination of being in a highly competitive industry and a large portion of society being financially illiterate makes blogging an important aspect of your marketing.

By now, we all know the many benefits that come along with running a company blog. But, do you know your purpose with each post you write?

Although blogging can be great for your business, it can be a tricky marketing tactic if you’re not focused on the outcomes you’re looking for. Every post you write has to have an underlying purpose that keeps it together while at the same time work towards your long-term content marketing goals.

The main point of any blog post is to get read, get shared & above all stand out from the crowd that is your competition. Separating your business isn’t as hard as you may think. In the end, it’s all about taking your blog posts a step further by writing your with purpose.

1) The Why

The first step in this process is understanding ‘the why’ behind approaching blog writing in this way. The many advantages to writing each post with purpose include:

  1. A clear well defined purpose helps you in keeping your writing focused
  2. Customers enjoy reading something of that’s focused & well-written
  3. Google (& other search engines) is always looking for high-quality content
  4. It will help you build your website’s brand as an authoritative place for users to visit
  5. It can help you plan a content strategy that works for both you & your customers
  6. Probably the most important advantage is that it can make a positive impact on your bottom line

These benefits of why each blog post should have a purpose behind it will help you plan out your posts. Doing this simple step will save you time in the back-end of your blog writing process & give you a map to to follow while writing.

But, unlike the regular ‘beginning-middle-end’ type of outline this process starts with the setup.

2) The Set Up

This step is less about what you’re writing about and more on setting the stage for your post. It will help bridge the gap between the customer and you. The best blog posts have the knack for drawing the audience in by employing some standard storytelling principles.

If you can concentrate on storytelling you’ll be able to separate your financial service company from competition that remain as generic as the next. The set up hones your story’s focus by starting with basics:

The Star (of the Show)

Every great story has a strong main character & content marketing stories are no different. When it comes to writing blog posts the star of the show is always your audience. The people who are going to read it, the ones that are going share it & especially the ones who may eventually become loyal customers.

You should always be working towards producing content marketing that’s truly valuable for your target customers. When you start looking at the world through their and understand their financial pain points you’ll bring greater purpose to your writing.

You’ll get know what they’re thinking, what they’re worried about & what they’re looking for, in other words you’ll get to know your customers better. This goes a long way to gaining their trust and earning them as a customer.

When it comes to getting to know your customers you can simply focus on the following points:


  • It’s important to remember your customers always have questions about your products that they need answered & financial problems they need solved. The more you listen to your customers the more you can anticipate the questions they’ll ask & problems they’ll have. This will put you in a position of leadership in your industry & the trusted authority that your customers will come to.

They’re Human

  • Sometimes while writing anything we can get lost in the technical jargon.  When it comes to writing financial topics it’s very crucial for you to turn the industry speak into something that’s easily understandable. One of the best way to do this is by leaning more on the conversational side of the writing fence.

The Supporting Character(s)

A strong supporting character acts as a crutch for the star of the show to lean on when times are tough. They’ll help the protagonist along through their journey.

When blogging with purpose your supporting characters are the topics that revolve around the problem you’re trying to solve.

The number one goal of your blog should be to help your customers solve a problem or ease a pain point. In the financial service industry educating your customers in the particulars of their personal financial lives.

Your supporting characters (or topics you write about) will be the helping your audience needs through their own buying journey.

3) The Scenery

Finally we get to the dressing portion of your blog post.

Every great story has an amazing backdrop that acts like a quiet character that keeps us engaged. Whether it’s the vast size of space in Star Wars or a the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ of Oz, a great story attaches itself to our brains with help of the sensory backdrops.

When it comes to your content the scenery you use is just as important.

It starts with the overall aesthetics of the post. Make it easy to look at. The easier it is to look at it, subconsciously, your audience is more likely to read it.

Accomplishing this is easier than you may think and you can quickly do it by:

  • Writing short paragraphs
  • Add bullet points throughout your posts
  • Break up your article with subheads

Use as much white space as you can possibly use making it easy for your audience to browse and scan.

The next part of the scenery is to splash a little color into your post. Use images that purposely add to your story or point you’re trying to prove, incorporate illustrations and use graphs (where applicable.).

All of these tactics will make your blog more attractive and less stuffy. Give it necessary backdrop that makes it worth readin and less intimidating.

Let’s face it when it comes to information, on anything, we live in an over saturated world where audiences every where have stopped paying attention to what most of us are saying. But, if you want to combat this problem, truly engage your audience and leave your audience a little more educated then blogging with purpose is your mission.

Write it like all the other memorable stories in the world and your audience will love for it.

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