It’s a life or death situation.

Lying in the hospital bed barely breathing & on life support. The pulse is barely beating as doctors & nurses walk by the room too busy to notice. You know deep down it’s time to do something but what?


You’re trying to figure it all out but at this point you understand you only have two choices:

1) You could pull the plug or,

2) You pull out the paddles & find some life.

This, of course, is your content marketing. Every marketing guru out there will tell you that if you want to attract eyes to your website you have to blog, you have to do it consistently & you must produce high-quality content. So you set out to do just that, however, after awhile it seems your efforts are going unnoticed.

Just like those doctors & nurses walking by the hospital room, prospects are passing by your website. It’s time to pull out the paddles and jump start your content so your prospects stick around to see what you have to offer. It’s not as difficult as you may think. You just need to look for ways within your content to add in a little interactivity.

Adding these details within you content overall will create an interaction with your prospects that can keep them coming back for more. At this point you’re probably asking how?

You can easily breathe life into you content by using these 12 ways it more interactive.


1. Infographics

One of the most popular forms of content on the web today, an static infographic can be supercharged with interactivity. It can help engage your audience by letting them navigate to the information they want & uncovering new facts about that information through animation. This can be a great win for the user as it gives them the choice to explore specific information giving them more control over the content.


2. The Content Map

A content map groups topics and lets the user chose which topic they are interested in. This is good for major subjects that have a lot of minor subjects that relate to it. For example marketing (major) could have email marketing, video marketing, digital marketing etc.

You can create a series of articles on each smaller topic. Create a section for each that the user can chose leading them to the information they want. The specificity of this method will leave a positive experience on your user’s as they aren’t distracted by other topics & focused on the one.


3. Live-Streaming

Stream your process, a how to tutorial or an informational webinar on a social network or your website live. The get to interact with you directly by asking questions in a chat window or on a call. Live streaming can take your audience behind-the-scenes showing them how you approach a problem. This will instantly position you as an expert in your industry which goes a long way in building customers trust.


4. Polls

Show a little more transparency by using polls in your content. This engaging strategy lets your audience have their say on one of topics you specialize in. The added benefit you get when using polls is that it can be used to gain valuable information about your audience’s preference when it comes to what they are looking for from your company.

5. Calculators

Calculators are a great tool to incorporate into your website. Giving your buyer to an idea of what your product/service costs will give them something tangible to measure when compared to your competition. Calculators can represent an important part of their buyer’s journey as it can show the return on investment your customer will get while showing them how your product/service can solve their problem.

video content

6. Video

Remember those books when you were a kid that let you choose your own adventure? Interactive video can work in the same way. You can guide your audience through a series of videos that tell a story. The only catch is your users control the story from beginning to end. Interactive videos take an already lively piece of content into a very engaging one.

7. Quizzes

Who doesn’t like to play games? Quizzes are way to use an familiar style of game to engage, & even entertain your audience. Depending on the type of quiz you present it can help you gain insight to your audience by giving them the information they are looking for. This can go a long way in build your brand awareness & converting your audience into loyal fans.

8. Brackets

A little competition anyone? A bracket can take multiple topics creating match-ups between them. You can hold this tournament style bracket over a period of a month letting your audience vote in each round & choosing a overall winner. These can be stand alone brackets revolving around a monthly theme such as ‘Small Business Month’ or they can run along side of popular events like NCAA’s March Madness.

9. Microsites

A microsite is a stand alone website about a marketing campaign or subject. These stand alone website are still part of your brand and usually have a short lifespan. The more specific topic of microsite can give you an opportunity to provide content for your users. This simple site can bring in an audience looking for content about that subject & help you grow your brand.

10. Assessments

You can use assessments to ask your users a few questions & provide with feedback based on the answers. A great customer service tool, assessments can help you as well by gaining necessary data about your users to better provide them with an experience & the content the’re looking for in the future.

11. The Reveal

This is one of the most interesting interactive experiences you can employ. It largely relies on your audience’s psychological fear of missing out & done correctly can help build your brand. It requires the user to perform some kind of action and a hidden message is revealed. This can be either additional piece of content or even a prize.

12. How’s We Do Ratings

This tactic can deliver an amazing content experience by getting your audience involved. Simply by asking them to rate the piece of content they’ve just read let’s you know if you’re on the right track when it comes to producing valuable content. This will give your audience a feel of direct contact with you & let’s their voice be heard all making your brand have a more transparent feel.


It’s All About Your Audience

In the end it’s all about what your audience wants and is looking for. If you can match these two aspects up when it comes to your content it should  never feel stale. Keep in mind that not all of these tactics will work with every industry or audience but I encourage you to at least test them all out. You never know which one will work & put you ahead of your competition.