We live in a world consumed by information from attracting your customer to yelling ‘look at me’ small business are constantly searching for ways to get noticed.

Stand Above the Rest

In the information overloaded 2017, one of the easiest & most efficient ways for your business to get noticed is by employing some old fashion public relations.

As one of the more powerful promotional tools that most small businesses overlook public relations offers the best type of marketing – getting someone else to talk about you. The best part about it for small business’ is that it’ll always fit in your marketing budget because it’s free.

The key to getting the proper publicity for your small business is to make your company newsworthy. In the spirit of doing so, here are 10 ways to help publicize your business & even get website traffic.

1. Pay Attention to Current Events

Take a look at what’s in the news both locally & nationally.

Are there any stories that your business can relate to? Is there a rumour of a recession? If so, think of ways your business can succeed in one & the advice you can share to other businesses to help do so as well.

2. Spread Holiday Cheer

Holidays offer a great chance to gain some publicity.

You can spin stories and tie your business in with with a certain holiday or even special days. Since, there is a ‘day’ for pretty much everything you can easily weave those days & your business together.

3. Human Interest

Do you come from an interesting background that has nothing to do with your business? Or, has your business gone from near failure to success?

Everybody loves a good human interest story that inspires your audience. It’s these stories that can breath real life into your business.

4. The History Off…

This one has some leg work involved to it but when done right it can embed your company within your community like no other.

Research historical events that directly involve your local market. How can you make your business relevant to this historical event? You could hold a sale on the day of the event or hold a tribute to it.

If it’s easier you could use the history of your product & its evolution over time or maybe the location of your business has historical relevance.  Whatever the case maybe the point of these stories is to pull on the nostalgic heart strings of your audience.

5. The Kids Are Alright

Pretty much every business at some point has a bring your kid to work day. While this is good idea to try out there are ways to take it a step further.

Instead of just bring your kids to work day create a  “Children Are The Boss Day.”  This will really set your business apart & make news which even garner some good coverage.

Have your staff come in with their children & let the kids make the decisions for the day. Even if you don’t get coverage you can still capture it yourself & share socially.

6. That Was Dumb

This one can position your company as light hearted business that knows the value of laughter.

Try running a fun contest with your customers revolving around ‘dumb mistakes.’ This can be in general  in the sense of a ‘dumb mistake’ you made & find out if your customers can relate  or beat you. For example, if you were an outdoors retailer you could ask customers the dumbest mistake they’ve made while camping.

7. Close For The Community

Show that your community that you’re about more than making money.

Simply close up shop on a regular business day to do some charity work. Build community spirit by having your staff take part in a charitable activity for the day.

This is one of the better ways to gain publicity because not only do you do good for society but at the end of day you feel great knowing you did you part.

8. The General Interest Story

What problem does your product/service solve?

That solution is your story. Mould it into a story about how you solved that specific problem for a customer. You can give actionable takeaways that’ll help your readers instantly.

This type of story will instantly position you as an expert in your industry & you’ll be looked upon as a helpful company.

9. The Top 10 List

The simplest of stories is coming up with a top ten list about a topic within your business.

For instance, if you’re a clothing retailer you could write an article titled, “The Top 10 Looks for Spring.” This type of story will present you as not only an expert but a thought leader as well.

10. The Annual Award

Come up with an annual award or educational grant that you can give out to someone in your community.

This can be a teacher’s award, a student achievement grant or an award for a sporting event. Something that’s given out on annual basis for excellence will go a long way in your audience seeing you in a positive light.

There is no getting around the fact that the world is a noisy place & to make your company stand out you have to be creative. Public Relations is one of greatest ways you can get creative in telling your business story & get positive coverage from the media.

The use of public relations to promote your business gives you the opportunity to write your own brand narrative. This free promotional tool, if used correctly, can give your business a boost & even increase your bottom-line.