Creating Ideas

To Drive Commerce

Ideas have always been the lifeblood of every successful marketing campaign.

However, those ideas were only as good as the words they used.

My job as a writer is to find the right words that connect, engage, entertain and, most importantly, communicate your big ideas.


“I can easily say that Randy is one of the most dedicated, hard working and focused creative professionals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is a constant source of great and innovative ideas.”


Michael Hurcomb, Music, Portrait & Commercial Photographer and Director

Writing Challenge

The Tagline

What goes into taking an idea and making into a brand?

This series is exactly about that!

You’ll get a look into the process of coming up the ideas and turning them into something.

The first challenge is the inside story of creating something from nothing and finding those right words in creating a brand.


Website Copywritng


Article/Blog Writing


Advertising Copywriting


Content Writer | Copywriter

How does your brand stand out from your competition?

Through blogs?




Whatever the methods you choose, your success relies on your choice of words. It’s the challenge of manipulating words and apply them to creative strategies for various types of media that I enjoy.

It’s about finding those right words to express your messages and speak to your audience. 

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